Security Feed

"Standing on the shoulders of giants"

Welcome! This site aggregates RSS feeds about information security.

Why am I creating yet another news aggregation site?

As an infosec professional, I need to keep up with all the news happening. I could have used an RSS reader but having something live on the Internet is much better (don't need to set up on many different devices) It is also a great opportunity for me to learn new stuff.

I have been experimenting with different Static Site Generators (SSG) and I am pretty familiar with Jekyll and Hugo. As my main language is Python, I would like to try another one written in Python, which leads me to Pelican.

How is this site built?

The source of this site can be found on GitLab. The theme I used is m.css (Pelican does have a nice collection of themes and plugins, but the selection is not as great as other more popular frameworks)

There is a small Python script used to import feed data from various feed sources. It is scheduled to run daily using GitLab CI (config). More detailed information can be found in my blog post.